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Mint (mentha spp)

Mint!, I love mint. I have heard many people say that they would never plant mint and I can not understand why. There are few plants as care free and as pleasant to be around. I plant mint everywhere, around fruit trees, next to the house, along trails, and even in the garden. It does spread and it is very easy to mow and pull back.

I can think of so many places that I would rather have mint growing instead of weeds or grass.

Mints are dynamic accumulators. They pull minerals out of the soil into their leaves. They are very good for you, both in teas and as a fresh nibble. They are also beneficial to many other plants around them. Mints are especially good for pollinators and at confusing pests. The virtues of mints are worthy of a long book.


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Spearmint- Classic mint smell and taste. Reaches about knee high in summer.

Chocolate mint- Some folks this mint has a chocolate flavor, but that seems a little too good to be true to me. It is a nice mint though with purple stems.