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Absolutely incredible, generous shrubs that can produce beautiful fruit for decades with little care. Every garden should have a few.

The biggest key to success with blueberries is soil preparation. They love very acidic soil (ph of 3.5-5.5), lots of organic matter, lots of mulch (wood chips, sawdust, or pine needles), and good drainage. These conditions can be created in almost any garden by making mounds or raised beds and adding sulfur (to lower the pH).

Blueberries are shallow rooted without root hairs, so they really benefit from the even moisture that thick mulch provides.

You can expect blueberries to begin producing their first fruit in a year or two, and will start full productivity in 5-6 years. Plant more than one variety for pollination.


Plants are 8-18" multi stemmed

Chippewa- Hybrid between highbush and lowbush. Mature height of 3-4ft. Extremely cold hardy to -40f. Dark green attractive leaves. Flavorful berries.

Polaris- A highly productive half high blueberry, reaching 3-4ft. at maturity. Cold hardy to -40. Great large berries.

Chandler- Highbush, 6-7ft at maturity. Hardy to zone 5. Very large excellent berries the size of nickels. 

Northland- Half Highbush 3-4ft. at maturity. Very productive, cold hardy, berries are small and flavorful.

Mystery- Plants lost their tags. Probably a highbush type, most likely Legacy, Bonus, or Blue Gold.



Plants are 12-18" multi-stemmed and well rooted $15 ea

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CHANDLER- Largest berries, excellent flavor, mid-season, plants reach 5-6' at maturity

CHIPPEWA- Hybrid of highbush and lowbush, extremely cold hardy, plants reach 3-4' at maturity. Smaller berries with excellent flavor.

POLARIS- Hybrid of highbush and lowbush, extremely cold hardy, good size berries with great flavor. 3-4' at maturity

PATRIOT- Ripening begins early and lasts over a long time period. Excellent flavor. Highbush 5-6' at maturity.