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Grapes (Vitis Spp)

Depending on the variety, grapes can be surprisingly easy to grow. On our farm we have planted several kinds of grapes in clay soil in a frost pocket. We use no sprays and minimal weed control. Despite our poor site and minimal care, our vines have produced tasty fruit within a year or two of planting. Grapes have been the easiest, most rewarding plant to grow to fruiting on our homestead.

Concord- Best flavor, the standard of table grapes. Hardy to -20f

Worden- Similar to Concord, ripens a week earlier. Hardy to -25

Somerset Seedless- Super hardy to -40f. Fruit is small and flavor is excellent, pink grapes that have a hint of strawberry.

Bluebell- Very vigorous cold hardy to -40f. Large grapes with seeds and very good flavor. Similar to concord grapes, but bigger and ripens a month earlier. This has been the most prolific and successful grape for us. 

Niagara- Extremely vigorous green grape, seeded.

Einset- Delicious red seedless grape does well in our zone 5 winters.

Golden Muscat- Yellow muscat grape, outstanding flavor ripens late season. Reportedly hardy to -10f, but we have seen it survive closer to -20f. May have some die back in cold winters.

Reliance- Seedless red grape with good cold hardiness

Mystery- Grapevines that lost their tags, could be any variety we grow.


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