Haskaps aka Honeyberry

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Haskaps aka Honeyberry



Haskaps (lonicera caerulea) are tough, compact shrubs. They are native to the boreal forests of the world, with a range stretching across Siberia, Northern Japan, and Canada. They have been cultivated for centuries in Japan and are a popular berry there today.

Interest in haskap cultivation is exploding in Canada and just waking up here in the states. The berries are small blue ovals that taste something like a cross between a blueberry and a rasberry. They are excellent fresh, dried, frozen , in preserves, juice, or wine.

The plants reach a height and width of 4-6 feet. They are not fussy about soils, and they begin bearing at a very young age. The fruits ripen extremely early, about 2 weeks before strawberries.

Two varieties are required for pollination. 

Nice rooted plants should start flowering first year of planting.

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Varieties (all our haskaps reach a similar size of 4-6ft high and wide)

Indigo Gem- Vigorous, easy to grow, excellent flavor. Best pollinated with a non-indigo series plant. 

Indigo Treat- Not as fast growing as indigo gem, tasty berries. Best pollinated with a non-indigo

Cinderella- Upright growth habit, very good berries. Excellent pollinator for other haskaps.

Bluebelle- A Russian variety with extreme vigor. This grows bigger and faster than any other haskap we have trialed. The berries are decent. Pollinates most other varieties well.