The genus salix is one of the most diverse on earth. Willows represent an incredible collection of forms and variety. There are species of willow that reach 100’ and ones that reach only a few inches tall. Willows are extremely easy to grow, all they require is sunlight and some moisture.


Weeping Willow- Large classic tree form to 60 feet tall. Beautiful weeping golden branches.

Giant Pussy Willow- Shrub form with giant silver buds used widely in flower arrangements. Reaches 15ft at maturity

Streamco Willow- Ultra vigorous shrub used widely in erosion control projects. Also good for basket weaving and biomass. Produces uniform shoots reaching over 8ft a year when grown on a coppice cycle. Highly deer resistant. Reaches 15ft at maturity

Basket Willow (salix purpurea)- Beautiful native shrub, widely used for weaving baskets. Excellent for wildlife, highly deer resistant. Reaches 10-15 ft at maturity

Nana Willow (salix purperea)- Very attractive native shrub. Grows as a dense bush with a huge amount of slender branches. Deer resistant. Reaches 5-7 ft at maturity.

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