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Cherries (Prunus spp)

Most nurseries offer cherry trees that produce outstanding fruit. However, most of these mainstream commercial trees are extremely difficult to grow organically, or neglectfully (as we prefer). The solution, grow different varieties that are tough and disease resistant.


Bird Cherry (Prunus Avium) These trees are grown from seed. Fruit quality varies greatly between individuals. They are all loved by birds. Trees can reach 50 feet tall. Prunus avium, also known as the wild sweet cherry are the seedlings of domestic cherries. They are naturalized throughout the U.S. all the way up to Alaska.

Nanking Cherry (prunus tomentosa) 

Nanking Cherry (prunus tomentosa) is a large shrub that produces small tasty cherries. The bright red cherries look like honeysuckle berries with a similar juicy texture. The half inch cherries taste very good, like a sweet juicy berry. 

They are tough, disease resistant plants from central Asia. Nanking cherry is the most common garden plant in the Russian far east. Makes a great hedge.

zone 3-6

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