We have one or two interns per year. We seek motivated, hard working individuals who are interested in life and growing plants. 


nursery above view.jpg

This internship is an opportunity for someone to really gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. A season here means tree planting, vegetable gardening, wood cutting, rough construction, food preservation, herbal medicine making, poultry care, wild foraging, maple syrup making, nut processing, and a huge amount of plant propagation. The bulk of our work takes place in the nursery. An intern who spends the season here can expect to know how to propagate many types of trees, shrubs, and perennials. 

We are very family-focused, having three young children whose needs often determine our activities. The kids are almost always around. If you don't like kids, then this is not the place for you.

We have a small rustic room with separate entrance and access to the house bathroom and shower for interns to stay in. It has a sink, hotplate, wood stove, and sleeping loft. One, or possibly two folks if they’re comfortable being together in a small space, could be accommodated there.

We have met some great people in the past through this internship, and we look forward to meeting more. Send an email to arrange a visit if you are interested in living and working here.