Today I let go of my pain. I release this pain into the field, into the sky. Today I express love. This love shines endlessly. Hatred, criticism, judgement, reaction will all happen and this love will shine the same, constantly, unwavering. Today I forgive myself, I forgive everyone. I feel a deep desire to comfort the wounded, to be with the angry, to hold the saddened, and to love everyone.

Today I am in a direct and constant conversation with you. And you are in a direct and constant conversation with me. With every act, every thought, every word, with everything I do and say and feel I am talking with you. I am talking to you and you are speaking through me and to me. You are all around me, in every face, in the sky, in every shadow, shape, and being, in every item, scene, thought and moment. You are speaking to me with all of these manifested forms and I see you behind them, inside them. You are alive in my body, radiating through my cells and I am awake inside your body. My eyes, your eyes, showing to you yourself.

You are the great mystery, the perplexing madness of chaos inside infinity. I am the play of the dream. All my words, all my thoughts, all of my work, and all of my feelings are swallowed by you. Digested and lost to me. I surrender all of my being to you. All of my life. Today I offer my awareness to you in our direct and constant conversation. I feel you on my skin, inside my bones, inside my legs, arms, head, and chest. Everywhere I look, I feel you. I love you and I release this sadness. I release this pain to you. I don’t know what to do with it, and so I release it into the sky, into the field. I know that I can take more pain. I can take anything for even when I am destroyed, I will still be you.

Today I live without fear in my heart. I live with love because I am not afraid of being hurt. I trust you. I surrender and I swim hard, not to save my life from drowning, but to see more, to see more. I float, sink, swim inside your dream. I am the dolphin, I am the jellyfish, I am the water, always an awareness to experience you, to see more of you, to feel more of you. Thank you for existence. I offer this love to all of humanity. I hear the heart ache of the world, I can hear and feel all the pain. I love you all, those who lose friends and lovers and children. I love you all, those whose heart is full of hate and anger, I see your fire, your aliveness. I love the confused ones, searching and analyzing, lost in circles of thought and criticism. I love the painters and the believers and the dreamers and the workers. I see you working beyond fatigue, beyond exhaustion, I see you out there and I am not worried about any of you. The path home is no path at all, you are here and you are loved. It is known. Your cells are dancing, your beings are singing and all the songs combine into one, the sound of humanity, of the universe. Rest in this knowing while your eyes and brain are on fire with the full force of life. We are all being boiled together in a gigantic pot of stars, planets, galaxies, humans, forests, and oceans. Under the night sky and under the sun, we dream this dream together as infinity swallows us and births us again and again.

Today I am aware. Today my eyes and ears and skin are open to receive. Today I feel emotions in my body and I share them with you. Today I share everything with you in our direct and constant conversation.


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