Abundant Propagation

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Abundant Propagation

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Abundant propagation is much more than a course or a deal on plant material. If you sign up for abundant propagation you can receive seeds, cuttings, scions, rootstocks and detailed instructions on how to grow them. I’ll be sending out plant material as it is collected. You’ll see how to store, sprout, root, and graft as the plants are in your hands. Videos and/or emails will be released as plant material is sent out. I will walk you through the process of turning this material into thriving plants. Many of the seeds will require cleaning and treatment. You can ask me as many questions as needed. My goal is for you to feel the abundance that exists in the world of plant propagation. You will be able to generate several hundred plants or just a few dozen if that is your preference.


You will have access to the same seed and cuttings I use. I gather only from outstanding mother trees. Some species will be dependent upon a good crop. You can expect to receive almost everything from the list, but there may be some items that are missed. However, there will also be items that are not on the list that will be sent. When I find unexpected treasures, I will send them along. I am a flexible person and can send more or less of certain species as per requests depending on availability.




·      ARONIA


·      PAWPAW





·      PEAR

·      APPLE (numerous species)

·      WALNUT (species dependent on crop this year, may include Black, Japanese, Carpathian, Butternut)

·      Korean pine nut

·      Oak (numerous species)

·      Hickory (possible multiple species- shagbark, pignut, oilnut)

·    Siberian Pea Shrub


·      Elderberry

·      Currant

·      Aronia

·      Mulberry

·      Apple (dozens of varieties)

·      Willow (multiple varieties)

·      Grape (concord, worden, possibly others)

Note- Cuttings/Scions are 10-18” long and can often be made into multiple plants depending on species.


Cost and Levels

You can sign up for different levels depending on how many plants you wish to generate or what you would like to grow. All levels will include full instructions and full access to ask me any questions. Even if you are not in need of any growing advice, with levels 2 and 3 you will be receiving a lot of plant material to work with.


Level 1: $100 - Videos, emails, and access to me answering any questions. No plant material.

Level 2: $300 -  10 seeds per species and 2 cuttings per species.

Level 3: $600 - 25 seeds per species and 5 cuttings per species. Also includes 5 apple rootstocks.



Signup must occur before November 1st to receive seeds and cuttings for that year. Signups after November 1st will receive their plant material the following calendar year’s growing season. (Note: Many seeds require winter cold treatment in order to sprout).

The first seeds to be sent will be mulberry and juneberry in late June/early July. Seeds and cuttings will come staggered after that until late winter. All the timing will depend on the trees.

Who: My name is Akiva Silver and I will be sending all your plant material and instructions. I am the owner and operator of Twisted Tree Farm.

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