Apples- Grafted

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Apples- Grafted



Our apple trees are grown in healthy living soils, in which their roots make contact with mycorhizzal fungi and beneficial bacteria. This is a great way to start an organic orchard.

We offer a wide variety of cultivars on strong rootstocks. Our trees are grafted onto bud 118 and antonovka rootstocks. These are both extremely hardy, tough, well rooting, and long lived. They are not dwarfs (which would be the opposite, weak root system and short lived). If you want a dwarf tree, then I highly recommend pruning a tree on strong roots. Weak dwarf root systems are more susceptible to disease, have shorter life spans, and often fall over without support.

Custom grafting is available for both small scale and large plantings.

Grafted apples are 1-4 feet tall. $22 ea


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All Grafted Apples are $22ea

NORTHERN SPY: An all around great apple, good for fresh eating, cider, and cooking. Vigorous grower, ripens late season, large fruits

LIBERTY: Disease resistant, very good flavor, best for fresh eating. Late season ripener.

JONAGOLD: Delicious sweet dessert apple. mid-late season ripening

DOLGO: Good eating crab apple, bright red 1" fruits make excellent sauces, good for fresh eating too. Copious white blossoms, a great pollinator. Originating from Siberia, hardy to zone 2. Early ripening.

VIRGINIA CRAB: One of Thomas Jefferson's favorite apples, also known as Hewe's crab. Excellent cider tree. Late Ripener.

KINGSTON BLACK: The only apple considered able to make a good hard cider by itself. Typically hard ciders need multiple types of apples. Late season ripening.

SWEET 16: Disease resistant, sweet apples with yellow flesh. Mid-late season

BLACK OXFORD: Purplish dark fruit. Great flavor, good for fresh eating, cooking, juice, and an excellent keeper. Mid-late season.

BRAMLEY'S SEEDLING: Hands down the best cooking apple. Large green/yellow fruits puts granny smith to shame. Mid-late season.

KEEPSAKE: As the name implies, this is a very good keeper. Small fruits, flavor peaks during storage in mid-winter, keeps until April. Very hardy.  Late ripener

HUDSON'S GOLDEN GEM: Excellent flavor, russety yellow flesh, crisp and sweet with a nutty flavor. Late ripener

PRISTINE: Our favorite early apple, pristine ripens in mid-July. It is sweet, crisp, and stores well (especially for a summer apple). Very disease resistant.

GOLDEN RUSSET: Wonderful flavor, good disease resistance. Great for fresh eating, cooking, storing, and hard cider. Early-mid season ripening.

ROXBURY RUSSET: An old russet, possibly the first named variety of apple to be born in America. Good for fresh eating, cooking, hard cider, and storing. Mid-late season ripening.

CHISEL JERSEY: A bittersweet hard cider variety.

ST. EDMUNDS RUSSET: An excellent flavored russet good for fresh eating, cooking, and hard cider. Mid season ripener.

AKANE: Very disease resistant, good dessert apple. Early-mid season.

WICKSON CRAB: A great crab apple for fresh eating or for hard cider. Fruits are 2" with wonderful color and flavor. Late season.

Ashmead's Kernal: An old variety from England with outstanding flavor, hint of pear. Stores well and is great for hard cider, and fresh eating. Ripens late season.

Calville Blanc d'hiver: A 17th century French heirloom. Makes lumpy green apples that are considered by many to be one of the best tasting apples in the world. Slight citrus flavor, high in vitamin C. Ripens mid-late season.