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Mulberries are incredible trees that can provide overly abundant food for people, wildlife, and livestock. With blueberries, cherries, and many other fruits, birds will often strip bushes clean-not so with the mulberry. They produce such copious amounts of fruit that there are always enough of the delicious berries to go around. Mulberries are capable of producing ripe fruit all summer long. They are sure to attract many, many birds. Orioles especially love them, and so do Kids.

The berries are good fresh, dried, or made into jams. They are an excellent tree to plant in a poultry yard or livestock pasture. They are not picky and will grow just about anywhere, but will really thrive in rich soils. Mulberries love manure.

Seedlings are unsexed. They can be male or female. Only a female is necessary for fruit. A male present nearby will ensure that the fruit of the female trees have viable seeds.

The advantages to seedlings are that they provide genetic diversity and are much cheaper so they are more easily planted in large numbers.

Our mulberries are grown from locally gathered seeds and are well adapted to upstate NY's climate. They can sometimes be as big as 50-60 feet tall, though 30 feet is a more typical mature height and width. Tolerant of shade, but will produce better in sun.

The seedlings we offer are morus alba, they may produce white or dark fruit. Morus rubra, the native species is actually a very rare tree. Many nurseries offer it, but the truth is that almost all of them are actually selling misidentified morus alba. In the past we offered morus rubra, until we learned that our seed sources, along with just about everyone else's is actually morus alba or hybrids of the two species.

Note on the small seedlings: Field planted they will often be lost to weeds, but if they are given another year in a well tended bed, they can be robust 3-6ft trees or they can be fine field planted if watered and weeded.


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